Domestic Violece Lawyer

Domestic Violence Charges

Attorney Brad H. Frakes provides comprehensive legal representation to clients who are facing criminal charges for domestic violence. Mr. Frakes realizes that these types of criminal charges often go hand-in-hand with family law matters. As such, he is uniquely qualified for representing individuals in this situation.

The charge of domestic violence in Tennessee is very different from other assault-related offenses. The domestic violence law is written so broadly as to include all family members, whether by marriage or blood, as well as anyone who has had a dating or sexual relationship. In addition to the fines and possible jail time following a conviction of domestic assault, other required punishment also includes the loss of your right to possess a firearm forever.

Domestic assault charges are extremely common. Attorney Brad H. Frakes can help you understand the reality of the situation and determine your best options. The charge will not go away, even if the alleged victim wants to drop the charges. Once charges are filed against you, the prosecutor can, and often will proceed against you with or without the cooperation of the victim. It may seem easy to plead guilty and get the charges behind you, but there can be serious, long-term consequences for doing so. If convicted, you risk losing your freedom, your right and ability to carry or possess a gun, and your ability to be in contact with your family and access to your home. You may be court ordered to attend anger management classes, alcoholics anonymous, perform community service, and be placed on supervised probation.

Diversion or retirement of the charges can effectively erase the charges after meeting the court’s criteria within a certain period of time. Attorney Brad H. Frakes will aggressively pursue these and other options while working for you. Call 615-248-7854 today to schedule a consultation.