3rd Apr 2014

In Tennessee, the strict computation of child support applies only to the 1st $10,000 of net income. For those parents who are fortunate enough to net greater than $10,000 monthly, the calculation of child support is based off of the following:

● $2,100 per month for one child;

● $3,200 per month for two children;

● $4,100 per month for three children;

● $4,600 per month for four children;

● $5,000 per month for five or more children.

In order to receive a greater amount of child support from alternate residential parents who earn more than $10,000 net monthly, the primary residential parent must establish by a preponderance of the evidence (51%) that it is reasonable for the child or children to benefit from a higher amount of child support than that provided under the above caps. Oftentimes these arguments include investment for higher education, extra amenities, and private sports training or musical lessons. The primary residential parent must establish that the additional child support, above the cap, will actually be spent for the benefit of the child.